1. For electronics/computers teachers

This kit is an ideal teaching package proven with success for introductory electronics/computer course (Grade 10-12). It is a self-contained, activities-based unit (50hrs or more) developed by an experienced electronics/computer technology teacher. All a student needs to know about elementary electronics and computers are in the package. The project illustrates concepts in electronic components, schematics, circuit construction, number systems and logics, BASIC programming, computer interface, LCD protocols and applications for starters. Teaching packages include kits, activity notes, guidelines, and software solutions. Therefore, using this kit as a teaching tool, a teacher could spend time supervising and monitoring students' learning activities rather than preparing notes and giving formal instructions.

Teachers are encouraged to integrate the kit into current course projects. Electronics teachers could apply the end product as a display feature to robots, security systems, measuring devices etc., thus creating another dimension to existing class projects. Whereas computer teachers could ask students to translate their control programs into other computer languages such as C, Pascal or Assembler, whichever they are more comfortable with, or are more in line with the course they are taking. The integration process will enable students to assimulate their learnt knowledge to useful and practical applications. More importantly, students will benefit from the exercise and master their problem-solving skills

2. Feedback

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