I am sure that everyone has the experience of seeing some unexpected flashing messages right in front of your eyes. They could be a declaration of love on the giant stadium screen, or a greeting left behind by a plane, or a commerical sign by the highway. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to deliver a personal message to impress your friends when they least expect it? Here is a simple gadget that enables you to wave your personal messages in words, in picture, or in both that glow in the dark! This hand-held messenger not only lets you surprise your friends with built-in displays but also provides you with an option of composing your own message. The device is compact, portable and electronically hi-tech! It is a toy that will appeal to people of all ages. It could be used for kids at home, for fans in concert, for motorists in need of attention, for outdoor enthusiasts in celebrations (New Year Eve or 4th of July), and even for students in school for creativity or vocabulary educational purposes.


The Messenger is a hand-held device which could display various LED messages when it is waved in the air. The working principle of the Messenger relies on the virtual retainment of visual image of moving bright objects on human retina. The device is composed of basically a column of eight LEDs which is controlled by a microprocessor to flash in a predetermined manner at such a synchronised rate that when the device is wiped across in an anti-clockwise direction, the LEDs display programmed messages in the form of texts or graphics laterally. A level-switch in the Messenger initiates the beginning of the message when it is started from a downward position and up.

Working functions

The Messenger offers eight different working modes :
  • function 1 - all lights stay on;
  • function 2 - all lights flashing;
  • function 3 - single LED running up and down the column;
  • function 4 - year '2004' pattern display;
  • function 5 - 'I love You' pattern display;
  • function 6 - 'Help' pattern display;
  • function 7 - display stored personalized message pattern;
  • function 8 - programming mode for personalized pattern.


    Two push-buttons serve as inputs to the microprocessor. They are used for selection mode as well as for programming mode. In the selection mode, the green button is to toggle sequentially various functions of the Messenger, from 1 to 8. The black button is used to confirm the choice of the selected mode. A reset button, essentially a ON/OFF switch, at the top provides the user to reset the Messenger back to a function selection mode. In the programming mode, the green button shifts the relative LED position along the column while the black button toggles the selected LED on/off. When it reaches the end of the LED position in the column, it wraps around and proceeds to the beginning position of the next display sequence. Simultaneously pressing both buttons will terminate the programming mode and reset the Messenger back to a selection mode.

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